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The increasing densification of our cities presents both a challenge and a potential for the way in which we consider our urban environment. It is difficult to create a clear image that depicts the future but we can plan our urban spaces, such that they capable of inviting the changes that inevitably must come. JUUL | FROST Architecs approach the city through a holistic methodology. A method that precisely secures robustness over time and gives users a central position in the activation and definition of the public space. This democratic and integrated approach to urban spaces turns the users into active co-producers, creating a sense of ownership and identity, and creates an urban space, which is in motion, constantly being redefined over time.

In order to secure and recognise transformation as a premise in the plan, we work with scenarios and potentials as opposed to finished master plans. We focus on the relationship between the landscape the built environment and the building the city space in a broad understanding. Our work ranges from the general city level through development of the urban quarter, to squares and passages. We produce strategic plans and urban design. Process management is one of the offices primary services, however we also work with consultancy within dialogue oriented urban development processes, user meetings, kick-off seminars, vox-pop, life forming and urban life analysis, parallel competition- and competitions, international seminars, exhibitions and communication

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