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Any new built structure and any new building, is a part of a larger urban context. It is precisely here that we at JUUL | FROST Architects make our starting point when we plan and design a new building. Via a holistic method, we secure that city, space, life forming and the body’s sensory faculties imprints upon the way we consider our buildings in relation to amongst other things legibility and degrees of public openness. This is applicable for the relationships between building and context, but also internally in the building between the programmes different parts. We experience that this holistic method gives more value for both the building and the context.

We are constantly optimising the industrialised construction, and have over many years worth of research developed a solid construction concept ”S-M-L”, whereby the goal is to secure housing, where a limited square meterage can produce a high living standard. By thoroughly considering all the building processes in one collected concept, spatial qualities, light, construction and price can all be optimised in projects with a high architectural standard.

JFA has developed a number of large independent projects, from the initial sketch through to the detailing phase and building inspection. The office works throughout Scandinavia and creates spaces for students, researchers, families and business. The office has received many awards for its building works.

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