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JUUL | FROST Architects have always combined research- and development with the more classic architectural disciplines urban, building and landscape architecture. We utilise research, because we believe that architecture has a social relevance that reaches beyond any single built work, and we consider that new knowledge is paramount in allowing architecture to attain its full social relevance.

Research helps to ensure, that architecture reaches out beyond itself that it pushes towards development. We engage therefor in research and development projects, whilst research results are implemented in our working methods and are relayed through lectures, workshops and conference speeches.

JUUL | FROST Architects have amongst other things stood for the development plan ”Public space as a catalyst for change”(“Byens rum som udviklingsstrategi"), which was financed by Realdania. The project covers how public space, as a catalyst for urban development, transformation and urban regeneration, can contribute to the development of ’the good city’ – to be social, cultural and architectural. The project focuses both upon theoretical studies and methods of practical implication.

For the University and Property agency JUUL | FROST Architects have completed the development project ”Future campuses (”Fremtidens campusområder”) – from the academic village to urban university hub” The projects aim was to qualify efforts to future proof Danish university campuses.

In 2010 the office qualified the first professional doctorate within the architectural field, Kristine Samson, with the project ” The Performative Aesthetic Urban Space ” (”Det Performativt Æstetiske Byrum”) researched the correlations between the aesthetic physical design of urban space, the encounters and experiences, that occur within it, as well as the social life styles, that avail it.

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