Helle Juul, Founding Partner at Juul | Frost Architects, is featured in the new book ‘Women in Architecture - »Architecture is no longer a man’s world.«’ from Edition Axel Menges, where she offers an insight into her methodical approach to campus development.

The book will be launched at the Architecture Biennale in Venice in August and documents the great achievements of women in architecture and their ever-increasing share in today’s building activity. The publication edited by Ursula Schwitalla is based on the lecture series »Architecture Today« at Tübingen University. Since 1987, the lecture series has offered architects from all over the world a forum to present their work and to explain their theoretical ideas about architecture.

The presentation of the architects working today, is complemented by a retrospective of the work of some extraordinary and pioneering women in architecture – Emilie Winkelmann, Eileen Gray, Lina Bo Bardi, and Zaha Hadid.