COVID-19 has placed health at the heart of urban issues in the 21st century. But health is not only pertinent in the time of pandemics. The short-term focus on prevention, ought to be broadened with and a long-term focus on urban health promotion.

The impact of social distancing and isolation on our social and mental well-being make it clear that health canít be reduced to our physical well-being. The current situation has fostered a holistic focus on health, that will be fruitful to carry with us in the aftermath.

Our ambition is not only to respond to the crisis, but also to set an example for the future cities of well-being: Cities, living-, learning- and work environments that proactively promote social, mental and physical health - We think it is time to explore new ways to well-being.

Photo: The sports city in Hyllie has been developed based on WHO's active living concept and a focus on healthy living, Juul | Frost Architects