On the occasion of the International Women's Day, we are proud to announce, that Founding Partner, Helle Juul is featured in the new book “WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE - PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE” among pioneers like Odile Decq, Itsuko Hasegawa, Carme Pinós and Kazuyo Sejima.

Women in Architecture is a manifesto for the great achievements of women in architecture. The voices of thirty-six internationally active women architects are heard through their own projects. This diverse panorama is supplemented by essays on pioneering female architects, and analyses that get to the bottom of the structural discrimination against women architects.

The book is edited by art historian, Ursula Schwitalla. As chairwoman of the Tübinger Kunstgeschichtliche Gesellschaft e.V., lecturer and associate member of the BDA, Ursula Schwitalla has been responsible for the lecture series “Architecture Today” at the University of Tübingen for twenty years.

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