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Arena Park

PROJECT Architectural and urban design concept
CLIENT Joint Stock Company “Akatsiya”
PERIOD 2020 -
AREA Total: 190.000 m2

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1. prize in open international competition. The concept for the urban development draws inspiration from the city’s exceptional location on the banks of the Volga and Samara River in the close vicinity to the spectacular nature of the Samarskaya Luka National Park and the Zhiguli Nature Reserve. The concept takes it starting point in the landscape, draws the local nature into the urban fabric across all scales: A green belt functions as climate adaption and the social link of the whole neighbourhood offering the residents access to recreational and communal spaces.

Residential: 154.956 m2
Kindergartens: 5.298 m2
School and sport: 8.000 m2
Commercial: 2.809 m2
Business: 15.363 m2
Culture Center: 3.500 m2