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Masterplan Saratov

PROJECT Masterplan Saratov Suburb, competition proposal
AREA 3,4 km2

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The masterplan proposal takes its starting point in the landscape as the overall structure in order to produce green and recreational passages and to organize the area in smaller neighborhoods, thereby everyone is secured access to nature. The competition proposal illustrates how the area can be developed into a varied green and sustainable district with an urban core, mixed-use areas on a smaller urban scale and private areas. The typologies are developed based on the landscape, flow and urban space in which building structures are placed. Mixed programs and green spaces provide the best possible foundation for a vibrant suburb.

Juul | Frost Architects were invited by STRELKA KB to participate in the competition for the master plan for Saratov's new suburb. Saratov is categorized by STRELKA KB as a representative city and pilot location, as 26% of Russians live in cities of the same size and urban scale. The project will be an example project for successful urban planning in Russia.