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Through our employees skills our diversity and via our dialog based methodology, we qualify one another, the client and the project
Helle Juul

JUUL | FROST Architects work with an international, challenging and vitalising approach. Our ambition is to challenge, develop, and be a credible sounding board in all our collaborations.

Through a holistic approach to projects, the office has, for more than 20 years, developed projects within all scales, from large scale planning, new city and housing developments, and urban spaces to educational facilities, office spaces and housing.

The holistic approach is specifically expressed in specialised development areas:


These three areas work in close collaboration when developing the specific project and thereby ensure, that the projects are robust over a long period of time and adaptable to changing needs.

JUUL | FROST Architects have developed and tested methods within industrialised construction, which is defined through the concept ”S M L – future concept housing”, and works methodically with the development of strategic plans for amongst others Innovation environments, the Knowledge city and Campus. Furthermore the office works as architect and client consultant for larger development plans.

Our mission is to create visions – proposals for how people can live together in the future. Whether it is urban, building or landscape architecture, our vision is always based on a pragmatic, thorough and methodical analysis of the present – on a thorough understanding of the clients and the projects preconditions. We challenge the present in order to create new unique solutions, which can advance the social, cultural and economic potential, found in our society.

In this alternation between pragmatics and vision we create, in a multidisiplinary environment, innovative and sustainable solutions. We work within all scales and all project phases and utilise research and development techniques together with the more traditional architectural disciplines of urban, building and landscape architecture.

The office is characterised by a high level of ambition and engagement as well as credibility and accessibility. We optimise our projects within a broad professional range and work consistently and without compromise on not only acquiring knowledge – but in producing it. Our distinguishing feature is the use of dialogue as a development tool, and thus our position and approach to the project – each project has a unique potential, which we endeavour to drive forward. We are passionate about what we do and seek legitimacy and authenticity in the dedication we believe is the office’s hallmark.