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JUUL | FROST Architects is a limited company with its main office in Copenhagen and a daughter company in Sweden JFA AB. The office comprises around 30 employees with differing professional backgrounds and experience and works throughout Scandinavia.

Contact persons
Helle Juul - Founding Partner, Architect MAA, Ph.D.
Flemming Frost - Founding Partner, Architect MAA/MSA
Søren Askehave - Partner, Architect MAA
Christian Hanak - Partner, Architect MAA
Ida Tvorup Hedegaard - Head of communications CAND.MAG

Board of Directors
Helle Juul - Architect MAA/MNAL, Ph.D., Founding Partner
Flemming Frost - Architect MAA/MSA, Founding Partner
Søren Askehave - Architect MAA, Partner
Christian Hanak - Architect MAA, Partner
Søren Holck-Andersen - Lawyer, Partner, Holck-Andersen & Tyge Sørensen A/S
Jesper Lund Bredesen - Director, H. Lundbeck A/S
Dorthe Petersen, Director, Meyers Madhus
Søren Revsbæk, Accountant, Revsbæk Revision

CVR-number: 31515335
Accountant: Revsbæk Revision, Slagelsevej 184, Næstved
Bank: Danske Bank, Nytorv Branch, Frederiksberggade 1, Copenhagen, Denmark.

JUUL | FROST Architects have through their membership of The Danish Association of Architectural Firms taken out a professional liability insurance with HDI.